Hands-free Devices Are Still Distracting

Driver using hands free devices to reduce distractions while driving

It’s clear that cellphone use in the car is a major distraction. For professional drivers in 80,000-pound trucks, they’re not allowed to use their phones while driving in order to prevent accidents. Of course, drivers who are working for a living do need to be able to communicate. To do so, they’re allowed to use…

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Unsafe Stairs Are a Slip-and-Fall Hazard

Person wearing sneakers walking up a metal staircase

You typically don’t think twice about using the stairs. You don’t consider the risks. It’s only after a fall that it becomes apparent just how risky these can be, especially if someone negligently allows them to fall into disrepair. For instance, maybe you live in an apartment building and you have an exterior staircase that…

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Improperly Secured Loads on Semi Trucks Can Claim Lives

Semi truck carrying pallets of wood beams across a large bridge

A trucker has many responsibilities as they’re heading out on a haul. One of these is to ensure that the cargo they’re carrying is properly secured. The U.S. Department of Transportation sets specific standards for how certain loads should be secured. Truckers who don’t verify compliance with those standards, even if another party secured the…

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