Putting a Value on Housework Helps Your Wrongful Death Claim

Woman shaking out her bedsheets

When a loved one unexpectedly dies, the financial effects of that loss often aren’t your top priority. The emotional well-being of your family members as they process their grief will be the focus for most people. While taking time to grieve is important, you also need to be ready to take action sooner rather than…

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Will Immigration Policies Change in 2021?

Group of Americans flying the American flag

We’re closer to 2021 every day, and many people are asking what types of changes they may see in the new year. For immigrants and prospective immigrants, a lot of these questions center around immigration policies. Are they going to change in the near future? What types of changes can you expect to see? Improper…

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Did You Get Hit By a Drowsy Driver?

When you’re too tired, it’s difficult to do anything well. You stumble over your words. You make mistakes at work. You nod off in meetings. But then do you go out and hop into your car is if doing so is safe? You may not, but many people do. These drowsy drivers are a very…

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For Safety, Don’t Listen to Music While You Ride Your Bike

You use your bike to commute as long as the weather allows it. Every ride gives you about half an hour to get some exercise, listen to your favorite music on your headphones and make an impact on the high traffic levels around you. You take pride in multitasking and removing the impact of one…

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How Chain Migration Can Preserve Your Family Unity

Dark outlines of people going through chain migration while the sun sets

You left your native homeland to provide a better life for your family. It was hard to leave your wife and children and your own parents behind when you came to the United States. But you worked hard and found a job. You were able to find a place to live and began sending money…

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What Is An Extreme Hardship in Immigration?

People who are facing a deportation because they don’t have proper documentation and are living in the United States. There are some individuals who don’t have a legal status here and have been in the country for a year or longer. They are considered inadmissible, which comes with severe consequences. Anyone who is considered inadmissible…

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How Trucking Companies Are Negligent

Cargo truck driving on the interstate during the daytime

When you find yourself driving in close proximity to commercial trucks, you take specific steps to enhance your safety with the hope of preventing an accident. However, there’s something you may be forgetting: Trucking companies can be just as negligent as a truck driver.Here are some of the many ways trucking companies are negligent: Lack…

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How to Pass Trucks Safely On a Windy Day

Have you ever been driving along, enjoying the Atlanta scenery, when you come up behind a truck wobbling across the lane in the wind? If a semitruck catches the wind, it could roll over, crushing any vehicle to the side of it and causing a lethal hazard for the cars behind. You have a choice…

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Did You Know This Is the Most Common Cause of a Semi Truck Crash?

It’s easy to assume that the trucker is always to blame when there’s a crash that involves a passenger vehicle and a semitruck, but this isn’t always what happens. In the majority of wrecks that involve those two types of vehicles, it’s often a passenger vehicle driver who’s to blame. But, that driver might not…

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Hands-free Devices Are Still Distracting

Driver using hands free devices to reduce distractions while driving

It’s clear that cellphone use in the car is a major distraction. For professional drivers in 80,000-pound trucks, they’re not allowed to use their phones while driving in order to prevent accidents. Of course, drivers who are working for a living do need to be able to communicate. To do so, they’re allowed to use…

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