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When you begin any immigration process or change to your current residency status, the details, paperwork and communication involved can pile up quickly. Rather than allowing the process to become needlessly difficult or time consuming, partnership with an immigration attorney in Cobb County, GA can provide the critical consultation and administrative support you need for a successful result.

Cheves Briceno has the depth of expertise as immigration attorneys in Cobb County, GA that clients need to find answers quickly and solve problems as soon as they arise. Our dedication to providing individualized service and top notch representation has built our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable provider of superior immigration law services. The award winning immigration attorneys in Cobb County, GA at Cheves Briceno will listen closely to the details of your situation and clearly explain the available options and next steps to reach your desired residency status.


What are the Benefits to an Immigration Attorney from Cobb County, GA?

Don’t let a clerical error derail your dreams. There are multiple steps on the path to becoming a full U.S. citizen or receiving the residency status you need to live, work or study in the U.S. Throughout your immigration journey you will be required to communicate with official government agencies, sometimes participating in interviews and biometrics appointments, or conduct other follow-up information gathering when requested. An immigration attorney in Cobb County, GA will help clarify exactly what’s expected of you at each step, and even conduct official communication on your behalf. Working with an immigration lawyer in Cobb County, GA can significantly impact the total amount of time that your application is in the review process and ensure that all of your forms and responses are completed fully, accurately and in a timely manner.


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I talked to Gerardo Briceno to get immigration advice. He answered all my doubts, was reassuring and professional. From our talk, I can say he has a lot of experience in different immigration matters. In addition to his knowledge, he is very nice and thoughtful, which differentiated him from other lawyers I contacted.

-Diana C.

Very professional yet personable at the same time, Gerardo was very helpful and patient with me and always found an answer for my questions and concerns. Mr. Briceno and Ghiaasiaan & Briceno Law were the best. I had a great experience, I'm very glad I chose them to represent me.

-Mario S.

I usually wouldn't write a review but this firm truly merits five stars. I am amazed they have the time to be so thorough and effective. I would recommend them to anyone for any purpose. Very professional and responsive to my needs.

-Julian J.

I called them to get family/immigration advice, and they new right away the answer. You can tell they have been doing it for a long time. On top of it, they were very nice on the phone. I definitely will use them again.

-Evelyn E.

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