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Each year tens of thousands of individuals suffer personal injuries in car accidents, commercial truck accidents, slip and fall accidents and other incidents in the state of Georgia. If you have suffered a personal injury in a similar accident due to the negligence of another individual, you are now probably facing a difficult road to recovery and compensation for your hardship. Sadly, many who suffer as a result of personal injuries are too often left with small, inadequate payouts from insurance providers even though someone else is truly at fault.

A dedicated personal injury attorney in Norcross, GA can provide the support, consultation and representation needed to win the compensation you deserve. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive much-needed financial support for medical bills, lost wages and lower quality of life that you did not anticipate. We pride ourselves on being preferred personal injury lawyers in Norcross, GA that give each client personalized attention throughout the entire process, from the first consultation until your suit is satisfactorily resolved.


Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer from Norcross, GA?

Merely sustaining an injury as part of an accident does not mean you are automatically entitled to compensation for damages. You are first required to show how someone’s negligence contributed entirely or in part to your injury. After establishing the defendant's fault, you must make a case that supports the specific damages for which you are requesting compensation. Determining which damages are most applicable in your case requires a skilled personal injury attorney in Norcross, GA to research the details of your claim and fight for the largest possible compensation. If you wait too long or settle directly with an insurance provider you could be missing up to 3 times more in compensation depending on the severity of your injuries. By partnering with a personal injury lawyer in Norcross, GA from Cheves Briceno you can make our experience your advantage.


Car Accident Attorney in Norcross, GA

Car accidents are one of the most frequent causes of personal injuries for Georgians. Within the State of Georgia, there is a law that means one of the parties will bear a majority of the responsibility for a motor vehicle accident. This is called an “at-fault” law. A qualified car accident attorney in Norcross, GA will be able to ascertain who is most at fault in your situation and ensure that your interests are aggressively defended.


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Strong work ethic, very helpful and respectful. They helped us with an accident case. They always answered any question we had. I loved that they spoke Spanish so my mother would understand the process from beginning to end.

-Jessica A.

Very professional yet personable at the same time, Gerardo was very helpful and patient with me and always found an answer for my questions and concerns. Mr. Briceno and Ghiaasiaan & Briceno Law were the best. I had a great experience, I'm very glad I chose them to represent me.

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I usually wouldn't write a review but this firm truly merits five stars. I am amazed they have the time to be so thorough and effective. I would recommend them to anyone for any purpose. Very professional and responsive to my needs.

-Julian J.

My son was in a very serious car accident and Gerardo immediately helped him - step by step - take care of working with the lender getting the totaled car paid off and then working with the other insurance company to make sure my son was taken care of as was appropriate.

-Kelly A.

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