Why Is It So Dangerous to Share the Road With Truckers Near Construction Zones?

There tend to be several warning signs that you’re approaching a construction zone. Not only may you see concrete barriers, neon-colored signs or cones letting you know that one is ahead, but you may also notice reduced speed limit signs as you do. Transportation and public safety officials take every possible measure to minimize the chances of an accident in those areas. Unfortunately, avoiding a wreck when there’s a truck in the area can still be difficult.

What dangers are associated with trucks in construction zones?

Construction zones are hazardous areas for passenger car operators or motorcyclists to share the road with truckers. These zones can become deadly if truckers aren’t careful to stay in their lanes, especially because roadways tend to narrow in these areas. A trucker who doesn’t adequately reduce their speed within such a zone risks losing control over their vehicle should they encounter uneven pavement, cones or construction materials. Even if a trucker tries to apply their brakes, they may not have enough time to avoid hitting objects in the roadway, such as other vehicles. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many many tractor-trailer accidents occur because a trucker fails to notice vehicles in their blind spot. Other crashes happen because they cut in too short in front of other motorists when merging or changing lanes — all of which happens constantly in work zones.

What should you do if you suffered injuries in a truck accident?

Accidents in Norcross construction zones are, fortunately, rare. Ones involving trucks and passenger cars do have a tendency to cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities when they do happen, though. If you’ve been hurt in a wreck with a truck or your loved one was injured or killed, an attorney can help you understand more about your right to compensation for your losses.